1. TP drawing melting in water


  2. NYC CarWash.



  4. Warehouse in Montréal.


  5. I’ve been bad and haven’t posted anything in a while.
    I am not in Colombia right now and have been working on other stuff.
    Lots of picture taking while I figure out how all is gonna fit.


  6. andersonlops said: Hi, i'd like to know what tool do you use to draw on your iPad. Thank you! And your paints are very beautiful! You are very tallented!

    Thank you for liking my work.
    To respond to your question, until now, I have been using a pretty cheap stylus bought at an art store and a lately bamboo stylus by Wacom. The latter is very nice but the rubber tip is too wide for details, that also comes from the limitations of the iPad screen; the diameter of the input has to be at minimum 6mm.
    I have just gotten my hands on a Adonit jot pro which gets around this problem with a transparent disc system. I am giving it a try these days to see if it does help or not.



  7. The Andes Condor, it’s the Colombian bird.


  8. Quick sketch, selling kiddy armchairs.


  9. Ibague


  10. Buseta